Over the course of the semester, I decided to reorganize my website my changing the layout. I wanted the direct webpage to be simple and easy to navigate, and I found my previous design didn’t direct my audience’s attention to the necessary information right away. I imagined my website to be very pleasing to the eye but not too overwhelming, so now I have organized it in a way that is in order and simple to view. I was not able to do as many “about the writer” posts as I wanted to in order to inform my audience more about me, but I find my recent podcast project in my last post shows a great deal of my personality. I was able to accomplish my goals of showing my curiosities and theories about the Digital media age in accordance to my class project. I also decided to make an extra blogpost of the digital media in my life because I wanted my viewers to understand what forms of media I rely most on. Making a website was definitely harder than I expected because there are so many different themes and ideas to choose from when it comes to it’s design, but I just need more time to explore them! I plan to use my experience with this website to help me decide the best way to display information on a public forum in the near future! However, making this website definitely helped me incorporate the class material into my creation because we were studying the impact of digital media and how it’s presentation can affect one’s interpretation!

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