Tate Schreiber
Artist’s Statement

I decided to completely shift the presentation of my creative project because I wanted to put more focus on my experience with my Uber drivers and their opinions. I felt like if I included the viewpoint of the company’s executives that it would take away vital information from my research that I was planning to use in my final paper. I certainly wanted to highlight the creativeness in my discoveries among this digital media rather than have it be overpowered by scholarly articles and facts! I decided to compare each aspect of Uber that I touch on to the ingredients of a chocolate cookie because I am such a visual learner and tend to really understand something more when I have something to compare it to. My final project topic is ultimately about the relationship between the drivers of Uber and the company itself, so I hope to incorporate more scholarly resources including data regarding the outrage and protests that have occurred from the negative outlook of drivers. My project touches more on the actual opinion of these drivers and what they feel should be changed in order to make this App better! This project fits into our general classroom discussion because it is about how modern technology is something which humans use daily and are dependent on, despite the moments when digital media doesn’t always work properly. I certainly think that Uber has done great things for the transportation system as well as the basic economy, for it grants jobs to many who are working for simple work on the side or with more control/ flexibility. I’m excited to cover the positives and negatives among the relationship between the parties connected with Uber in order to bring all perspectives to the table for the public eye! Connecting each aspect of Uber to a chocolate chip cookie ingredient along with the Uber driver experience certainly made me think about the bigger picture of this company and all the circumstances that could occur among the company’s relationship!

Creative Project Link: file:///Users/haleytateschreiber/Desktop/Creative%20Project%20for%20Digital%20Media.mp4

Unfortunately, I have been told the link above does not work, but I have attached a shareable google drive link that works.


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