My first blog post EVER!

The process of making a website was very exciting for me because I’ve never done anything like it throughout my time at Emory. I find it will be very rewarding to be able to look back at my work later this year and be able to share it with anyone who may be interested in what I am writing about. The “how to” videos definitely helped me navigate my way through the creation of the website. I am very pleased with the making of my website thus far and I’m eager to explore the different options that WordPress has to offer.

My goal for my website is to keep it organized and concise. My writing tends to be wordy and I definitely want to stray away from that. I also want my website to be easy for someone to navigate and not confusing for a viewer. I also hope that while writing for my own website will encourage me to feel more comfortable posting my true thoughts and personal experiences for my audience.

I decided that I wanted to website be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I certainly didn’t want to overwhelm my viewers with too much color or commotion across the webpage because people will lose interest. I chose a different layout than what was automatically produced for my website by WordPress because I wanted things to be presented in a more simple manner. Perhaps I will personalize my website with images further into the semester if I wish to supplement my posts with photos that exhibit a personal experience or connection with certain media. I really like the design of Buzzfeed’s website and how they have images as the face of each article. Those photos ultimately draw the attention of viewers and they are more likely to become interested in the article.

Finally, I definitely want to experiment with the different arrangements and styles that WordPress has to offer. The awesome thing about media is that it can be presented in a variety of ways, so I want to take advantage of it! I haven’t encountered any problems or worries yet about the website, but if I do I’ll be sure to reach out for help! I think it’ll also be beneficial to discover how my classmates organized their websites and learn what seems to work well for their presentation of information. Looking forward to working more on my website!

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